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An appropriate interior design is the heart and soul of any decent home. It not only magnifies the aesthetic appeal and outward appearance of your house, but make it more efficient to help you go through your daily routine swimmingly as well. If you live in Kolkata, finding a suitable interior design company that offers skilful and knowledgeable interior decorators is of the utmost importance for the refurbishment of your home.

One of the first things that any potential customer searches for while selecting a suitable interior design company is the range, variety, and the quality of services. This is where companies like Spectrum Interior Designers and Decorators come into play as they offer home and office interior designing services of a veritably superior quality in Kolkata.

Interior decoration services in Kolkata appear in multifarious forms and options suitable for different kinds of houses. With the help of a designer professional, you would be able to figure out the most appropriate set of services from this gamut.

Different Categories of Interior Design and Decoration Services:

Interior designing services in Kolkata can be categorised in the following on the basis of the type of your residence or establishment:

a. Home Interior Services: From the name itself it is quite evident that this service is tailor-made for the people who own a house instead of an apartment. in Kolkata, the concept of one's own house incorporates the idea of big rooms with lots of vacant spaces. That's why; home interior services usually veer around the classical or contemporary interior decoration where the sets of furniture are organised in the most harmonious way possible around a certain focal point. Professional home interior designers would help you choose the perfect combination of colour, lighting arrangements, positioning of the furniture items and upholstery, etc. so that your house provides a vibrant yet tranquil environment. A good home interior service would not only make your house aesthetically pleasing, but ergonomically sound as well.

b. Flat Interior Services: This kind of interior services is suitable for apartment owners. Apartments in Kolkata generally do not come with a significant amount of vacant places in comparison with someone's own house. As a result, flat interior services generally incorporate the urban or modern style of decoration avoiding baroque furniture items and overabundance of various accessories. A good interior designer appointed for this kind of services would help you figure out the proper placement of lighting, furniture, arrangement of marbles or mosaic, and the combination of colours to enhance the beauty of your apartment to the maximum extent. Flat interior designers pay close attention in amplifying the available space in your rooms so that the environment remains comfortable in an elegant and unfussy way rather than being claustrophobic.

c. Commercial or Office Space Interior Services: Renovating your office, hotel rooms, or a hospital is significantly different from residential interior decoration services as these places need to be efficient and ergonomically sound while heeding some attention to the appearance as well. Different kinds of office places require different types of services. As far as the current trend is concerned, a lion's share of these establishments tend to choose the modern style of interior designing with amplification of the available space. A decent interior service of this kind would take care of the entire arrangement starting from colour combination, positioning of ergonomic chairs and other furniture items, proper instalment of specific equipment, and many more.

Therefore, it is evident that irrespective of the type of establishment you want to renovate, with companies like Spectrum you would have plenty of options to choose from.

Besides, these three principal categories, a good decoration service would provide you with a vast range of additional services as per your requirement. Some of them include:

1. Designer False Ceiling Service: False ceilings or dropped ceilings has become a staple of modern architecture because of its aesthetic appeal. With a reliable decoration service, you would find a gamut of various designs for false ceiling to choose from.

2. Modular Kitchen Design Service: Modular kitchens are indispensable for every modern house nowadays. A decent interior design company offers the most suitable modular kitchen design in terms of both functionality and appearance.

3. Three Dimensional Flooring Service: Three dimensional flooring or 3D flooring service is becoming rapidly popular in metropolitan cities like Kolkata. In this kind of flooring service, you would have the most astounding floor designs with realistic effects.

4. Bathroom Fitting Service: A quality interior decoration company not only helps you with your bathroom décor but also helps you in placing and arranging every necessary bathroom accessory and equipment in the proper place.

Also, this vast range of additional interior decoration services include painting by professional painters, terracotta handicraft making, personalised photo framing, murals, artificial garden construction, iron and lighting art, creating idols of Gods, and many more.

With this vast availability of different services and proper execution of failsafe plans, renovating your residence or office would just be a matter of time.

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